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V-DAY isn’t just to swoon the woman, don’t forget about your special guy!

Hello Ladies! Valentine’s is in a couple days and don’t think that you are off the hook just because you are a girl. Be nice to your man in your life and spice up V Day with a cute private “only for his eyes” kind of gift. I did this for my BF this year and it was a fun experience! Here is a more innocent example of shots that I did for my boyfriend. As you can see, he is a big Kobe Bryant fan and Lakers fan so I made a festive Lakers Boudoir Shoot gift package for my man. :) ladies have fun and show your man how special he is and help elevate the heat in the bedroom. Enjoy and happy Valentine’s Day to all!!

Live. Laugh.Love


Special thanks to photographer:BOA Princeton Clark & MUA by Paradox Makeup Artistry Terri Slezak

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